Welcome to Mrs. Vicari's Class!
School begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.

Tests This WeekBook Report Test (Cam Jansen:Mystery of Flight 54)- Friday, 3/23
Future TestsReligion (Ch. 12, Lent, Holy Week & Easter)- Monday, 3/26ELA Unit 4- Tuesday, 3/27

Spelling Words
1. dare2. stare3. hair4. fare5. pair6. chair7. bear8. pear9. where10. there11. dear12. cheers13. knew14. never15. talk


Week of March 19th

Monday 3/19
Spelling- 3x each
ELA- Wonders practice workbook pg. 191Math- GoMath! Workbook pgs. 625 & 626

Tuesday 3/20 (ELA EXTRA HELP)
Spelling- Write sentences with words 1-7ELA-Wonders practice workbook pg. 193-195 (Part A only)Math- GoMath! Workbook pgs. 631 & 632

Wednesday 3/21 Lenten Mite Boxes are due today!Please don't forget to change coins into billsSpelling- Write sentences with words 8-15ELA- Wonders practice workbook pg. 198Math- GoMath! Workbook pgs. 634 & 635

Thursday 3/22
Spelling- ABC OrderELA-Wonders practice workbook pg. 200Math- GoMath! Workbook pgs. 643 & 644


GYM is every Tuesday Students must wear gym uniform & sneakers

Workbooks are sent home to help review content taught in class The books must be sent back to school the next day!

Please sign your child's behavior chart calendar that's in their H.W folder each day

On Wednesday, April 18th @ 1:45PM children who are baptized are scheduled for their First Penance (Confession) in Church in preparation for his or her First Holy Communion
Our field trip to the NYC trust museum will be on Friday, April 20th. Trip money ($11) will be due on April 12th.

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Playground Dates
Students MUST wear gym uniform and sneakers on playground days
March 19 and 23April 10, 16, 20, and 26
May 2, 9, and 15
May 21 May 25 May 30 June 7