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Ms. Moakley's Class 3A

UPDATED: 3/19/2018
  • Spelling- Write your spelling words 2 times each (once in all uppercase letters and once in all lowercase) OR Write your spelling words 3 times each:
    • pounce, placed, dice, cents, price, space, mice, office, wage, age, gyms, giants, changes, message, page
  • ELA- Wonders Comprehension Worksheet

Playground- Tuesday, 3/20

Words to know- Unit 5, Week 1

Spelling- airplane, daytime, birthday, daylight, hairdo, somebody, birdhouse, barefoot, headlight, sometime, someone, newspaper, sidewalks, basketball, stagecoach

Vocabulary- controlled, direction, flight, impossible, launched, motion, passenger, popular


  • ELA extra-help- 3/13, 3/20, 3/27

  • Half day (12 noon dismissal)- 3/28

  • School closed for Easter Break- 3/29-4/6

  • School reopens- 4/9

Upcoming Tests

  • Book Report Test (The Empty Envelope- Given by Ms. Moakley)- 3/23

  • ELA Test (Unit 5, Week 1-2)- 4/13

  • Italy (Part 1 and Part 2)- 4/17

  • ELA Test (Unit 5, Weeks 3-5)- 5/3

3A's Specials Schedule
Monday- Computer (Group A) & Library (Group B)
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- GYM (wear your GYM uniform)
Thursday- Computer (Group B) & Library (Group A)

Friday- Music