Mrs. Fernandez 8A

Read The Giver for the March book report.

**Monday is gym day. All children should wear the gym uniform.

***Lenten Mite Boxes will be collected on Wednesday, March 21. Please be generous.

*Parents, only 5 public high school applications remain unreturned. Please submit these as soon as possible.

*Field trip money and forms are due by Tuesday, March 20. Please take care of this tonight.

Grade 6-

3/19/18-Read the poem "My Father's Song" answer questions 1-7.

*Note: there will be a poetry analysis test on Friday, March 23.

Grade 7-

3/19/18- Complete workbook pages 208-210 on misplaced and dangling modifiers.

*Informational Text Tests marked 75 and below need to be signed and returned. They were returned to students on 3/5.

Grade 8--

3/19/18-ELA-Complete Ex. A from p.483 in the textbook.