Welcome to 3rd Grade - Class 3B

Instructor in the ways of 3rd Grade: Mr. BaginskiMr. B for shortor
The Great and Powerful Mr. B

(after reminders, homework and tests dates - some good humor follows)
I hope everyone has a nice Winter Vacation. Here are the reminders for the week we return:1) School resumes Monday, February 26th2) Continue collecting $ in your mite boxes!!!!!3) Math extra Help after school on Tuesday. Bring a notebook/notepad with you. You may bring a juice/water and snack with you as well.4) 3B has Gym on Tuesday - wear Gym Uniform5) All 3rd graders have the playground at lunchtime on Wednesday - wear Gym Uniform6) Band after school on Wednesday7) 3B Group A has Library on Wednesday - bring Library card and books8) No School Friday, March 2nd

Math: review multiplication tablesScience: study for test on Thursday, March 1st
Religion: sacrifices and good deeds
UPCOMING TESTS/PROJECTS FOR MR. BBook of the month test:Math: Chapter 6 Test - Wednesday, March 7thScience: Chapter 4 Test - Thursday, March 1stReligion: Chapter 8 test - Tuesday, March 6th

Thank youMr. John C. Baginski
P.S. Remember the words of another great teacher....... (play video)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycCAHYvAUl4

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