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Welcome Back Everyone!!!!

I am thrilled that your child will be one of my new students for the year! I am excited to meet the students and create wonderful memories. I will be teaching ELA and Social Studies for the fourth grade. I have created a variety of fun projects and activities for our fourth graders. I hope you had an amazing and enjoyable summer, but now it's time to hit the books!


Mrs. Vargas- 4A

Homework should be done in script, pen, and complete sentences.

Make sure to check student planner for reminders,exam dates, & homework:

October 20, 2017

Nov 1st -Tuition due

Nov 3 Friday 1/2 day

Nov 9 & 10 School Closed

Book Report Exam Oct 27th - "I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake 1906"

Social Studies Exam Oct 26th (chapter 6)


Social Studies:



Upcoming Tests

Friendly Reminders:

Return conduct folders...

Please make sure to submit:(check take home folder)

tuition by the 1st of October



Monday - Art

Tuesday - Gym *Wear Gym Uniform!

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Computer

Friday - Music

Playground for October & November dates below (must wear gym clothes!!!!!!)

Oct. 2,10,16,20,26

Nov 1,8,16,27

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