Mrs. Murphy - E.L.A. & Social Studies
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Gym is every Tuesday
October Playground Dates: 3, 11, 17, 23, 27
Homework should be done in cursive/script and complete sentences.
Spelling and Vocabulary Sheets should be completed and up to date each Tuesday.
E.L.A:5A: please remember to return signed paper. 5B: none.
Social Studies:Due October 20th: Answer the following questions in complete sentences...
  1. What fuels power most automobiles, factories, and power plants?
  2. What do scientists believe are some of the effects of global warming?
  3. Which renewable energy source mentioned do you think would be best? Explain.

Project: Due October 24th

  • Please present the following information about your assigned volcano in the form of a poster: Posters should include at least one image if the volcano and be of a reasonable size.
    • Where it is located
    • When its last eruption was.
    • When it is expected to erupt again, or if it is currently erupting.
    • Any additional interesting information.
      • Note: this information does NOT need to be in essay form; bullets and sentences are preferable.

Upcoming Tests:none

Vocabulary words are found in your textbooks

S.S. Vocabulary:

Unit 1, Lesson 1
Unit 1, Lesson 2
Unit 1, Lesson 3
Unit 1, Lesson 4
Unit 1, Lesson 5
Unit 1, Lesson 6
Map and globe skills
tundra, megalopolis, prairie, Continental Divide, canyon
navigable, tributary, glacier,
renewable resource, hydroelectric power, scarcity, economy, irrigation
temperate climate, current, precipitation, drought, arid
tornado, hurricane, blizzard, plate tectonics, global warming
levee, water table.
global; grid, latitude, longitude,
absolute location, relative location, parallel, meridian, prime meridian

Unit 2, lesson 1
Unit 2, Lesson 2
Unit 2, Lesson 3
Unit 2, Lesson 4
Unit 2, Lesson 5
Unit 2, Lesson 6
Unit 2, Lesson 7
Map and Globe Skills
indigenous, treaty, annex, slavery, terrorism
Northwest Passage,
voyager, Loyalist, assembly,
province, territory
traditional economy, culture
representative democracy, federalism,
checks and balances, amendment
prime minister, parliament, monarch
rural, urban, suburb
historical map, timeline, parallel timeline

ELA Vocabulary:
Unit 1, Week 1
  • Loan - money borrowed.
  • Profit - the amount of money left after all business costs have been paid.
  • Prosper - do well and become successful.
  • Risk - the chance of loss or harm.
  • Savings - money set aside for the future.
  • Scarce - something that is difficult to get or find.
  • Wages - payments received for work done.
Unit 1, Week 2
  • Afford - to have enough money to pay for something.
  • Accomplish - to complete a task successfully.
  • Anxious - to feel nervous and worried about what may happen.
  • Assemble - to come together.
  • Decipher - to figure out something that is difficult to understand.
  • Distracted - to draw your attention away from what you were doing.
  • Navigate - to find your way over or through an area
  • Options - choices or alternatives.
  • Retrace - to go back over your steps.
Unit 1, Week 3

  • Debris - the scattered remains of something.
  • emphasis - to use special force or stress when saying a particular word or syllable.
  • encounter an unexpected meeting.
  • generations - a direct line of peoplewho all have a common family ancestor.
  • Indicated - showed a sign
  • naturalist - a person who specializes in the study of things in nature, especially animals and plants.
  • sheer - a steep ledge.
  • spectacular something very unusual and impressive.
Unit 1, Week 4
  • Breakthrough - an important advance.
  • captivated - influenced by charm, art, or skill.
  • claimed - declared something as your own.
  • Devices - things that are made or invented for a particular purpose.
  • enthusiastically - to act in a way that shows great interest or excitement.
  • envisioned - imagined good things would happen in the future.
  • passionate - have or show a strong feeling about something.
  • Patents - papers that give a person or company the right to make, use, or sell new inventions for a certain number of years.
Unit 1, Week 5
  • access - to get information from a source
  • advance - to move forward or make progress
  • analysis - a careful examination or study of something
  • cite - to mention something as proof or evidence
  • counterpoint - an opposing or disagreeing point of view
  • data - facts, figures, and other kinds of information
  • drawbacks - problems or disadvantages
  • reasoning - having the ability to think in a logical way.

Spelling Words:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Unit 1
jut, nick, tenth, shrug, stuff, sense, damp, cot, fling, notch, gush, scan, batch, rough, stump, tough, laugh, guess, lead, dove
paste, bride, shave, spice, greed, plead, greet, heap, paid, coach, theme, type, oak, growth, yolk, folks, aim, prey, tow, grind
tuna, duty, lose, few, doom, bamboo, soothe, crooks, hoof, hooks, booth, handbook, prove, mute, amuse, plume, hue, view, bruise, union
heart, swear, aboard, squares, swore, chart, scorn, starch, source, fare, barge, thorn, marsh, force, harsh, scarce, coarse, flare, course, sword
word, nerve, squirt, verse, surf, lurk, work, stern, spurts, lurch, blurt, thirst, spur, learning, shirt, midterm, return, squirm, swerve, yearns
Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

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