7A Homeroom


6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Math


Homework for Monday, June 11, 2018
All classes should be sure to have their calculators with them each day!
Grade 6:
Begin to study for your final exam. It will be on Thursday!

Grade 7:
Remember to study for your final exam! It will be on Friday.

7A Social Studies:
  1. Describe the difference between sectionalism and nationalism.
  2. What was the Great Compromise?
  3. What was the Three-Fifths Compromise?
  4. What compromise did Alexander Hamilton make to obtain the necessary number of votes to approve the creation of the National Bank?
  5. What were the first two political parties? Why were they created? How did their beliefs differ?
  6. What was a cause of the War of 1812?
  7. What was the Alamo?
  8. What were three ways in which westward expansion affected Native Americans?
  9. What was the Trail of Tears?

Grade 8:

7A Homeroom Reminders:
Tomorrow, half of the class will have Library. Please be sure to return any books and pay any fees!

If possible, please bring in a box of tissues! We are once again running low.