Miss Breuer K-1


Kindergarten Homework

Letter of the Week: Hh


Week of: October 23, 2017

*Please remember to do homework in pencil and write your name on the first line*


-Cut out 4 pictures that begin with the letter Hh

-Glue them into your homework notebook

-Write Hhnext to each picture.

-Number your pictures 1,2,3, 4.


-Parents: Please read story/book to your child and help them complete the activity sheet.


-Complete Phonics pages: 42 and 43


-Complete the math activity: pages 65,66,73,74.

*Be sure to practice the popcorn words daily*

***Popcorn words: we, it, is, the, and, a, see, *I, *for

You MUST attend Virtus training in order to chaperone any class trip. Our first trip will be on October 27th to Green Meadows Farm.

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